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GraceLife Church was started in 1983 as Grace Christian Fellowship of Lincoln, Ca. Pastor Fred and Cindi were members of the church from it’s first Sunday, but moved away to attend Bible College… Read More


Pastors Fred and Cindi are long-time residents of Lincoln, having a deep love for the community that they have lived in for more than 40 years surrounded by family and friends.

“Relationship” is a key to their ministry. The commitment to the people of the congregation of GLC and interaction in daily life is their first priority as Pastors.

What you will find from them are two people that will pray for you and your family, walk with you thru the hard times of life and rejoice with you in your victories.

The Bible is the inspired Word of God. (II Tim 3:15-17, I Peter :23-25, Hebrews 4:12)

Salvation is through only one, Jesus Christ. He is the payment for sin and judgment to everyone who calls upon his name. This salvation is not by human efforts or works but by the finished work of the cross and the resurrection of our *Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. (Psalm 103:3, Ephesians 2:8, Romans 10:8-10)

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is the promise of the Father and is for all who will receive it. It was the normal experience of all the Christians in the early church. The endowment of power was evidenced by the initial sign of speaking in tongues and also by the demonstration of spiritual power in public service. (Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4-8, I Cor 12:1-31)

The Church is the body of Christ. Each believer in Jesus is an integral part of this general assembly, the church. (Eph 1:22, Heb 12:23)​

Water Baptism , Lord’s Supper (communion), and the tithe (giving) are a vital part of GLC as they declare the work of the Lord in our lives and our fellowship with him in all that he instructed us to do. (Matt 28:19, Acts 10: 47-48, I Cor 11:24, 25, 28, Mal 3:10)​

Healing and Provision are part of the benefits of the Covenant of Grace that Jesus paid for on the cross. (I Peter 2:24, Phil 4:19)​

Many people today think of God as someone who is waiting to find fault with them or judge them for their bad behavior. In reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. Why? Because God already judged the sins of the entire world in the body of His Son Jesus at the cross. God exhausted all His fiery wrath for our sins on Jesus as our substitute for 6 hours on the cross until Jesus cried out “It is finished” and died. Three days later He rose from the dead indicating our redemption is complete.

From that moment until now God is not looking to condemn you but instead His heart is to love, forgive and bless you. In fact He loves you at this very moment whether you realize it or not.

You may say, ” how is that possible considering my life, failures and mistakes”? Because on the cross Jesus took all your failures, mistakes and sins so you can receive all His favor, love and blessings.

Through God’s beautiful Grace you may call out to Him and accept what Jesus has done for you at the cross. Simply acknowledge His sacrifice for you and say ” Jesus I receive your love and grace you give me through the cross. Thank you for forgiving me of my lifetime of sins. You are my Lord and Savior. I take all your blessings”.

If you prayed that simple prayer, you are wonderfully accepted by God through out all eternity. Congratulations!

GraceLife spends much time and care to ensure that your children will feel safe and comfortable in an atmosphere designed to show them and teach them the love God has for them. Our teachers are well trained to provide not only care but the nurture that every child needs to learn and grow. It is our desire that the children receive foundational truths from the Word of God that will move them into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. GraceLife kids experience worship and teaching thru many forms of communication including singing, dancing, media and active participation. Each lesson taught is wrapped up in fun and excitement as the children experience the love and power of God. Ministry is provided during services for children from birth thru 5th grade.


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GraceLife Young Adult ministry, EMERGE, is an extension of the pastoral care that Pastor Fred brings to every age group. With a focus on intergenerational relationships and dialogue, Pastor Cindi and her team facilitate opportunities for under 30’s to engage at GLC outside of the Sunday morning services. We facilitate an atmosphere and culture where each young adult knows that they are loved and accepted by our heavenly father and that they have a Savior, Jesus Christ, and the help of the Holy Spirit for every life situation. Youth ministry is provided for pre-teens in grades 6th, 7th, 8th and high school. An active calendar of events for college age, young professionals and under 30’s are announced monthly.


Young at Heart is a vibrant part of GLC with ministry and fellowship for anyone 50 and older. With a focus on making lasting memories through friendship and living life together, we plan and participate in various activities throughout the year. Food, fun and laughter seasoned with the Spirit of God are essentials. It is always an atmosphere of trust and comfort surrounded by people who truly care, that will pray with you and walk with you through the seasons of life.



New Beginnings is about bringing help and hope through the Word of God to anyone struggling with hardship, whether
it be addiction, codependency, insecurities or just the brokenness that life often brings. Not only will this ministry come alongside each person to provide biblical keys for overcoming these challenges, but it will also help the seeker to learn life skills to live a free and productive life.  New Beginnings is a safe and loving environment with leaders that truly love people and desire that everyone who participates experiences the life changing power of God and his unconditional love for every person.


Would you like to become part of the great team of volunteers that serve the local church and community here at GraceLife Church? The way to begin is by attending “GLC You” and learn the foundational truths from God’s word that are the very heart beat of our church. By attending these classes you will be well equipped to minister God’s love in any part of ministry at GLC. From there we will get you on your way to being not only a member of the GLC family but also an active partner of GraceLife Church.




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A very important dynamic of a healthy family is time spent together experiencing not only the spiritual principles that we live by but also the fellowship and friendship that refreshes our soul. GLC is committed to providing opportunities where we come together in small groups and in large groups such as church picnics, camp-outs, game nights, home bible studies, conferences and retreats. Each event is designed to bring specific types of interaction and fellowship to the ones attending.



Women’s Ministry, affectionately known as the Women of Grace, is a multigenerational community where we serve, connect and empower. Our desire is that every woman finds friendship and identity in her pursuit of Christ.  We are committed to providing grace-filled wisdom and encouragement as we simply live life together and take moments to gather in the unity and bond of the Spirit.  Our calendar of events, open to women of all ages, includes activities from fun to formal both within and outside of GraceLife Church.




GraceLife Men’s Ministry events are founded in deep desire to mentor, disciple and equip men of all ages to lead well in the many areas of life. Balancing the demands of life is too much to do alone. We need a team to help us go to the deep places and encourage us as we seek purposeful growth in our unique personal and spiritual needs. We all need friendship and accountability. These gatherings are designed for men to speak into the lives of other men, iron sharpening iron, edifying and encouraging each other as instructed by the Word of God.



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